June 14, 2019

June 14, 2019

Today was so much less about my husband, children, pregnancy ,and family stuff and far more about my work. Now that I don’t have to hide my life as a secret agent from him, I’m able to put more of my attention on my work. My boss knows I’m expecting, but I wasn’t going to let him put me behind a desk for the rest of my pregnancy. My work may be dangerous at times, but I’m still a professional.

We were tasked with keeping a client of a Denver car accident lawyer safe after our intelligence picked up some information that said he was at risk. The boss doesn’t give us all the information, just a quick briefing. I did find it odd, however, that this civilian was all of sudden given priority attention, when we normally are focused more on keeping politicians, celebrities, and large groups of innocent people safe.

But my partner and I spent most of the day acting more like undercover detectives than secret agents. We tailed the guy everywhere he went. Nothing spectacular at first. A quick cup of coffee downtown, spent most of the day in court, then went home to his family. Pretty regular stuff. But we did spot someone else tailing him as well. 

Our central intelligence told us that the man following our civilian was targeting him as a hit, but had the wrong guy. The hitman was originally hired by a woman who wanted her husband dead after he cheated on her, but the hitman following this client was targeting the wrong husband. CI told us that the hitman was probably confused because the civilian has a twin brother he knows nothing about. One was involved in this accident that gained some coverage and hence the confusion.

Our job was to prevent the hitman from taking the civilian out without the civilian ever having known what was going on. It’s a good thing we were there keeping an eye on things all day or we might not have spotted the hitman in the first place. My partner and I waited for him to make his move and enter the residence.

As he made his way to the door, I got out a poison dart gun, a weapon we only use when we need to complete a task in silence, and shot the hitman in the neck with the poison dart as he approached the civilian’s bedroom window. He went down silently, and my partner and I had the pleasure of dragging him to our van and bringing him back to headquarters where he will await a trial for his crimes. CI tells us the hitman had quite a record—32 kills over the last 10 years. 

Now that I’m finally home at 3 am though, all I’m thinking about is the morning, when I can snuggle my husband and my girls, and spend a day relaxing with my family. 

Aubrey Miller

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